The Ancient Cultural Value of China Danxia Landform Region  
 The Danxia Landform Region has nurtured and deposited abundant human cultural heritage. Red walls and cliffs is the most outstanding form factor of Danxia Landform .And its red colour can give a sense of solemn and sacred, which is in keeping with authoritative and noble color represented by Chinese traditional culture.The color, which strengthens the senses of dignity and mystery in religious site from environmental angle, is also the major color advocated by Chinese religion. The combination of natural scenery and mysterious mood has always turned Danxia Landform Region into a place of admiration.
On February 13, 2010, the mountain was approved by UNESCO to be included on the first list of 28 world geoparks.
The sex culture of China Danxia Landform Region
   A sex museum opened to the public recently in Danxia Mountain in Shaoguan City of south China's Guangdong Province. The museum, covering 2,400 square meters, is divided into six exhibition areas under twelve themes, including "Sex in Waters and Mountains", "Sex in Phallism", "Sex in Chinese Characters" and " Sex and Literature". The sexuality museum, believed to be the largest in the country, was established with an investment of 15 million yuan from Humen Economic and Trade School in Dongguan City.Danxia Mountain is well-known for its special red apparence and called "a naked park" for its penis-like big stone, vagina-like cave, rocks shaped like breasts and naked "sleeping beauty". The museum is a perfect integration of sexual culture and tourism, said the park's head. The museum is open only to adults.

China Danxia landform
  China Danxia Landform is the generic name for a serial nomination of the World Natural Heritage. The specific candidate sites are composed by 6 representative Danxia areas in China, they are: Chishui (Guizhou), Langshan·Wanfoshan(Hunan),Mt·Danxiashan(Guangdong),Taining·Golden Lake(Fujian), Longhushan·Guifeng (Jiangxi), Fangyan·Jianglangshan (Zhejiang). The total core zone of the 6 candidate sites is about 82,151 hectares, and the total buffer zone is about 136,206 hectares.
The large scale and variation scenery of Danxia Mountain make it the most crucial Danxia landform in the world. Differences in red rock and external structure make Danxia Landform varied in pattern, rich in characteristic and possess a very high artistic value. Moreover, red mountains merge rivers in the basin together turn on a look of red mountains and green water; and red rocks combine with vegetation present scenery of green trees and red cliffs, all of those bring Danxia Landform Scenery varied and colorful.