More detail information:

Sunrise and sunset viewing pavilion, as its name suggests, is famous for sunrise and  sunset. Here is the timetable just for reference:

month         sunrise                            sunset

January         700                             1755

February       635                             1810

March            610                             1835

April               555                             1850

May                545                             1905

June               540                             1915

July                550                             1910

August           600                             1900

September   615                             1840

October         635                             1815

November     650                             1755

December   705                               1740

Ticket price:
Entrance ticket: 120 RMB for adults, 60 RMB for kids. Annual ticket(only for lacal people and the students with the local student card): 58 RMB(boating for free) or 30 RMB
2.Cable ticket: round 55RMB;s
ingle ticket for going up:40 RMB/person;Single ticket for going down: 30 RMB/person.
3.Boating: 70 RMB/Person.
4.Rafting:single trip:50 RMB;round trip:100 RMB

Tourist Traffic:
The way to Danxiashan
About    230 kilometers     15 kilometers          45 kilometers
Guangzhou---------Qujiang-----------Shaoguan----------Renhua Danxiashan
There are many special tourist buses to Danxiashan directly at Shaoguan Railway station. The bus comes every fifteen minutes, ticket price is 15 yuan per person. You can buy the ticket at New Mountain Door, the RMB is 100 or 120 which contains the scenic resort of Danxiashan and Yangyuanshi.

 The way back
It’s 45 kilometers from Danxiashan to Shaoguan railway station; it connects with the secondary road. Danxiashan country has many different ways of transportations to Renhua country and Shaoguan city, such as special bus and taxi. In shaoguan, there are 38 railway lines to the parts of the country. If your destination is Fujian or Jiangxi, you can transfer long-distance bus on Zhoutian. And if you want to go to northward or Pearl River Delta, you can take the train on Shaoguan.